Supporting Mental Health Initiatives

(MHANE - pronounced "MANY")

Mental health, addiction and intellectual disability charities have traditionally relied upon grants to support their activity. Those funds are becoming increasingly difficult to find in our field. It is our belief that to succeed we will need to develop and draw upon individual giving to support our causes.

We’re here to help.

More than 75% of all charity funding comes from individual donors, and many of these donors can be reached through charitable appeals in the workplace.

MHANe helps qualified organizations enter the vast and often arcane world of workplace giving. In 2014, the Combined Federal Campaign (the world's largest workplace giving program) raised more than $190 million from civilian, military and postal employees throughout the US and abroad. The CFC enforces high standards of fiscal accountability and acts as an important stepping stone to other workplace campaigns.

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about MHANe and how we channel unrestricted financial support to mental health charities.

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Those of us working and volunteering in the field of fundraising for mental health, addiction and intellectual
disability causes find a different
set of challenges vis-à-vis our counterparts in primary healthcare.

We’ve built an online community reserved for fundraisers in our specific fields of work. Here you
will find resources and shared knowledge covering:

  • Grants
  • Annual & Capital campaigns
  • Social media
  • Special events

  • We’ve created a down-to-earth, well-moderated, intelligent discussion among people with a great deal of experience to share. And that’s just the beginning.

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