Workplace Giving
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a member of your organization?

Membership in our federation is limited to tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations that qualify for the Combined Federal Campaign. An organization is considered a member once its application to the CFC is accepted.

2. How much money will my organization raise?

Each CFC donor decides how much to pledge and which charities to support. That means it's impossible to know in advance how much an organization will raise. Some charities appeal to a wide range of individuals and attract substantial support, often exceeding $100,000. Others interest a more limited population, and their total pledges will be commensurately smaller.

3. What is a federation?

In the CFC, a federation is a group of charitable organizations that enter the campaign together. A CFC federation is required to perform certain administrative operations on behalf of all the charities, or "members," that elect to affiliate with it. Such tasks include reviewing applications, tracking and reporting pledges to individual members, and helping to distribute donated funds. Beyond these core functions, federations are free to offer other services as well. These ancillary services vary greatly from one federation to the next. See About Us to learn about our services.

4. Do federations charge a fee?

Yes. Federation fees offset the cost of federation operations, and they vary widely.

We set our fees in advance and disclose them to charities as they apply. We currently charge our member charities 3% of receipts (not pledges) from the CFC. This method of calculation is important as other CFC federations use different methods that can significantly increase a charity's cost of participation. Our goals is to be sure our charity members receive as much of the CFC funding as possible, with our help. 

The fee will remain the same for next year's CFC. 

5. Can any charity participate in the CFC?

No. Eligibility standards for CFC participants are some of the most rigorous in the charitable-giving community. Because the CFC is a government-wide program, its rules are written in the form of federal regulations. All CFC participants must conform to these rules and meet their eligibility requirements.

6. I am interested in applying, but I'm not sure if we qualify. What should I do?

We're happy to discuss your particular situation by phone. In a fairly brief conversation we can help you figure out if you qualify. If you prefer, you can send us copies of your IRS determination letter (confirming tax-exempt status), your most recent tax return (IRS Form 990), the opinion letter from your most recent audit, and a brief description of the work you do. We'll review these documents and get in touch with you. (Please note, however, that our initial impressions may change as we get deeper into your application.) See Contact Us to find our phone number, fax number, e-mail and snail-mail address.

7. We've been in the CFC without joining a federation. Why should we change?

Perhaps you shouldn't. As you know, joining a federation is not required for participation in the CFC. However, most CFC charities choose to affiliate with a federation for three key reasons:

8. We've been in the CFC as a member of another federation. Can we apply with you? What would be different if we did?

Normally, not-for-profit organizations decide each year which federation to join for purposes of the CFC. See About Us for an overview of our services. If you wish to compare cost, we'll gladly provide an estimate based upon a hypothetical pledge amount so you can see what you would net. This breakdown will detail reductions due to unfulfilled pledges, local administrative overhead, and our own fee. You will then be able to compare our costs with those of your current federation.

9. Do you enter campaigns other than the CFC?

While our federation participates only in the CFC, we will be happy to help you participate in state, municipal and other public sector campaigns.