Workplace Giving

For more than four decades, the U.S. government has sponsored the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) -- the world’s largest workplace giving fundraising drive. In the last quarter of every calendar year, the CFC invites civilian, military and postal employees to support eligible national and local charities. In 2014, federal workers chose to pledge more than $190 million to those charities.

Employees choose the charities they wish to support from a list of charities that have submitted applications and been deemed qualified by CFC staff. Employees may give once or request that a specific amount be withheld from their paychecks throughout the following year. The overwhelming majority of employees elect the ongoing payroll deduction program.

The CFC’s combination of donor control and payroll deduction leads to high levels of enthusiastic support. 30 percent of the federal workforce participates in the CFC each year, with the average pledge exceeding $170.

See our FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about the CFC.

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