Our Charities

Current CFC Members

American Psychiatric Association Foundation
CFC # 11225
Creating a mentally healthy nation by raising awareness of mental illnesses and effectiveness of treatment, and the importance of early intervention through education and research.

Asperger/Autism Network, Inc.
(Asperger's Association of New England, Inc.)

CFC # 12115
Living with Asperger Syndrome or a related disorder can be a lonely struggle. We help with parenting, school, friendships, relationships, employment, and community.

Attention Deficit Disorder Association
CFC # 11589
ADHD affects over eight million US adults. We assist adults and families through education, web-based services, and connections to support groups and professional advocates.

Bipolar Research Foundation, Juvenile
CFC # 12148
JBRF orchestrates cutting-edge collaborative research in order to improve diagnosis, promote early intervention, and discover the root causes of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents.

Clubhouse International (International Center for Clubhouse Development)
CFC # 51395
Mental illness affects millions of people worldwide. We help these individuals achieve their full potential by offering education, housing, employment opportunities and other social activities.

Developmental Disabilities, American Association on Intellectual and
CFC # 11224
Assists people with developmental disabilities by offering educational programs for professionals and supporting community programs, progressive public policy, and research advances.

Families for Depression Awareness
CFC # 23414
Provides families with education, training, and support to help them recognize and cope with depression and bipolar disorder to get people well and prevent suicides.

Hope for the Day
CFC #85473
Our team has pioneered an Action Plan that enables communities to establish proactive environments that eliminate the highest risk factors for suicide. It is customizable, scalable, and designed to fit the institutions and communities we serve.

International Society for Bipolar Disorders
CFC # 33498
Provides education and training for mental health professionals, advocacy groups, and patients and families in all aspects of bipolar and depressive disorders.

Mental Health and Addiction Network
CFC # 11591
Coalition of charities providing mental health services, education and family support, addressing ADHD, autism, bipolar, grief, mental disabilities, schizophrenia, substance abuse, trauma and other ailments.

Mental Health First Aid USA (National Council for Behavioral Health)
CFC # 11231
We represent over 2,100 organizations serving our nation's most vulnerable citizens - more than 8 million adults and children with mental illnesses and addiction disorders.

Mental Health Law, Judge David L. Bazelon Center for
CFC # 11166
Protects children and adults with mental disabilities from exclusion and discrimination in education, housing, employment and health care and promotes services that foster their independence.

Music Therapy Association, American
CFC # 11588
Advances public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increases access to quality music therapy in a rapidly changing world.

Soldiers Suicide Prevention (Foundation of Cognitive Therapy and Research)
CFC # 11590
Helps veterans by training mental health professionals in evidence-based Cognitive Therapy --a treatment proven effective for PTSD, depression, hopelessness, and other suicide risk factors.

Student Suicide Prevention (Active Minds, Inc)
CFC # 16455
Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for college students. We provide educational resources and awareness to eliminate this preventable outcome.

Suicide Prevention Alliance (Glendon Association)
CFC # 12116
Every 40 seconds, someone dies by suicide. We provide training, education and tools to individuals, families and mental health professionals to help save lives.

Past Members

Ackerman Institute for the Family
Family therapy brings families together to solve their shared problems. Our faculty researches new treatment models and trains the next generation of mental health professionals.

Addiction Medicine,
American Society of

CFC # 72104
More than two-thirds of American families have been touched by addiction. We educate physicians, support research and prevention, and promote the appropriate role of physicians.

Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, National Center on
CASA, a unique think/action tank for all Americans, studies addiction and substance abuse to mount effective prevention programs to protect our nation's children and communities.

American Psychiatric Nurses Association
CFC # 12516
A professional membership organization of more than 8,000 members committed to the specialty practice of psychiatric mental health nursing, health and wellness promotion.

Balanced Mind Foundation
We provide information, support, resources and advocacy for families raising children living with bipolar disorder or depression.

Betty Ford Center at Eisenhower
CFC # 73345
Provides effective alcohol and other drug dependency treatment services, including programs of education and research, to help families begin the process of recovery.

Blanton-Peale Institute
Serving those in need with affordable, sliding-scale psychotherapy and provides post-graduate training for aspiring psychoanalysts, marriage and family counselors, and pastoral psychotherapists.

Campaign for America's Kids (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)
CFC # 12515
15 million children in America have a psychiatric disorder. Give children access to treatment, decreasing stigma through advocacy, education, and research. Change a child's life.

Child Mind Institute
CFC # 70468
With our innovative and scientifically-proven treatments, ground-breaking research, and informative public education campaigns, we are dedicated to transforming mental health care for children everywhere.

Childhood Anxiety Network, Inc.
Increases public awareness of selective mutism by providing education, supporting research and providing support to professionals, affected individuals and their families.

Children's Institute, Inc.
Protects, preserves and strengthens families by providing child abuse prevention and treatment services for high-need, low resource families. Supports professional training, research and advocacy.

Disaster Psychiatry Outreach
Disasters leave emotional suffering in their wake. Utilizing volunteer psychiatrists, we address the overlooked distress of disaster survivors in the US and globally.

Eating Disorders, Academy for
CFC # 12513
AED is the professional membership society for clinicians and researchers working to prevent and treat eating disorders. AED provides training for professionals in the field.

Empowerment Center, National
CFC # 15546
Consumer-run organization which carries a message of recovery, empowerment, hope and healing to people with lived experience with mental health issues, trauma, and/or extreme states.

Families in Action, National
Educates the public about the science underlying drug abuse and addiction; helps parents take action to prevent children from using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Family Institute
CFC # 11592
Provides counseling/psychotherapy (for families, couples and individuals), education, and research. Makes family-based mental health services available to a geographically, culturally and economically diverse population.

Family Homelessness, The National Center on
Our mission is to help homeless children and their families through innovative research and evaluation, program design, service delivery, systems integration, and advocacy.

Freedom From Fear
Our mission is to positively impact the lives of all those affected by anxiety, depressive and related disorders through advocacy, education, research and community support.

Herzog Hospital, American Friends of
Israel's foremost center for geriatric, mental health care and behavioral genetics research. Treats trauma victims in Israel (and the US after 911 and Katrina).
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
ISTSS is an international, interdisciplinary professional organization that promotes advancement and exchange of knowledge about traumatic stress.

Mental Health, Screening For
CFC # 12521
Provides mental health education and screening programs for youth, adults and seniors; helping raise awareness, reduce stigma and connect those in need with appropriate resources.

National Black Alcoholism & Addictions Council, Inc.
Provides educational forums, technical assistance, training and research throughout the country to develop leadership in prevention and treatment of alcoholism, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.

Parent/Professional Advocacy League
CFC # 11595
We create parent and youth leaders who use their experiences, passion and knowledge to ensure services and policies work better for them and their families.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
CFC# 13754
The psychiatric rehabilitation profession's premier source of learning, knowledge and research, providing resources, education, ideas and advocacy to enhance power and performance.

Recovery International
For 75 years our weekly self-help meetings have trained people with mental health issues like depression and anxiety how to lead peaceful and productive lives.

Resource for Advancing Children's Health, REACH Institute
CFC # 13975
Transforming children's health services by empowering care providers -parents, doctors, and counselors -to use effective methods for identifying and intervening with children's mental health challenges.

Treatment Communities of America, Inc.
Provide advocacy and education for organizations treating substance-abusing clients with special needs, including HIV/AIDS, mothers with children, offenders, mentally ill, the homeless, veterans, and adolescents.

Traumatic Stress Institute, Sidran
Assists adult and child trauma survivors and those who care for them, through advocacy, public and professional education, treatment resources, publications and public policy initiatives.

United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
People can recover from serious mental illness to live successful lives in the community. Help build a mental health workforce knowledgeable in recovery practices.

Vinfen Corporation
Human services and mental health provider offering a comprehensive array of services to children, youths and adults including veterans, with psychiatric, developmental, and behavioral disabilities.